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Things to do

Why don't you spend a different life in Kamakura

3 minutes walk from Plage Yuigahama to Yuigahama and Zaimokuza Coast!
Start with a walk along the beach in the morning and wake up at a nearby cafe.
After that, it is a guesthouse in a good location where you can enjoy a walk in Kamakura and Enoshima Island.
  • Yuigahama

    • Beach

      It is crowded with many sea bathers in the summer.
      Besides that, it is a beach where surfing, SUP and other marine sports are popular.
      Yuigahama Swimming Beach is"Environmental education and information""Water quality""Environmental management"
      International environmental certification given to beaches and marina with excellent "safety and service"
      This is the first beach in Asia to acquire the "Blue Flag".
      It is a beach that is clean and safe by world standards and can be used by anyone.

      *There is a facility-owned surf board.
       If you would like to use it, please ask the staff.
  • Seaside park

  • Enoshima Island

    • Enoshima Island

      Enoden from Plage Yuigahama, 25 minutes by bicycle.
      At the garden "Samuel Cocking Garden" at the top of Enoshima Island, you can enjoy seasonal flower festivals, romantic lighting with candles, and illuminations.
      The Sea Candle Rooftop Observation Deck is a spectacular spot where you can see the whole view of Kanagawa, and you may see Mt Fuji on a sunny day.
      Enoshima Shrine, which is famous as a matchmaking shrine, is also a popular tourist spot.
  • No. 1 Railroad Crossing in front of Kamakura High School

    • Sanctuary of the popular anime "SLAM DUNK"

      The railroad crossing of Enoshima Dentetsu, which appears in the opening scene of the popular basketball animation "SLAM DUNK", is a sacred place and is a very popular shooting spot for enthusiastic fans.
      This "No. 1 Railroad Crossing in front of Kamakura High School" gets off at Kamakura-koko-mae Station and is about 100m east of the station.